Aquarium Update [Freshwater 125L]

It looks even more different now, since the Glosso carpet didn't workout according to plan. New photos to come soon.

March Randoms

Some random photos that have collected over the last month.

Signaling Issues in Oldsmobile Intrigue

This 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue was having issues with the signals. It was random occurrence where the signals stopped working and the relay would not actuate. It is a fairly simple and cheap fix.

Changing Spark Plugs on the Jeep SRT8

A quick how-to on changing the 6.1L Hemi spark plugs. I used NGK LZTR5AGP which are pretty much the factory equivalent. The 6.1 Hemi takes two spark plugs per cylinder, so make sure you pick up 16 spark plugs. A swivel socket attachment helps a lot to do the back plugs.

Aquarium Update [Freshwater 125L]

The version two of my aquarium. Version one can be seen here.

Banff and Canmore Trip

Short but amazing trip :)

BMW 850 & First Snow

Trip to San Francisco

Visited my bro and his wonderful family in beautiful San Francisco, California. What an awesome experience!!

September Randoms

Baubhska in the Garden

Family Trip to Jasper

The trip to Athabasca falls on Labour long weekend was awesome. The nature of Canada is just stunning!

July Randoms

Just another monthly dump of randoms off my camera.

Cooking Lake Walk

This is one of the nicest parks to visit around Edmonton. Quiet and lots of nature!

Summer [June + July, 2013]

Been pretty lazy at developing pics... so here is the batch of randoms that have been on my camera.

Canada Day Fireworks

Decided to go to these last minute, pretty happy I went out and snapped these pics!

Changing Brakes on the Jeep SRT8

This was a surprisingly easy job to do on the truck. Brembo made it really easy to service them. The only thing I can advise is to take extra care to not scratch the calipers!

Home & Family

Some photos from around the house and family stuff.

Fixing BMW E31 850i Climate Control Buttons

Just like many other plastic parts you find on a BMW the climate controls are no exception. My unit had the sticky buttons that most of these get. The issue was that the modes wouldn't auto cancel when I picked a new mode. The fix was a complete disassembly, light sanding, cleaning and polishing the contact surfaces on the buttons.